Does Affiliate Marketing Have a Future? 2020 Trends to Expect!

While some brands see affiliate marketing as a fleeting trend, others have fully embraced its impact and role in the digital marketing world.

Regardless of how you feel about it, though, affiliate marketing tools are transforming the marketing landscape by putting the focus on customer needs.

Whether it survives in the long-term or other trends take over, no one can really say. However, predictions for the near future all point to one thing: affiliate marketing will be big in 2020.

Industry research shows that the affiliate marketplace will grow to nearly seven billion by 2021, with over 80% of publishers and advertisers already using it as a key aspect of their digital marketing campaigns.

So as the year ends, let’s review what makes affiliate marketing so effective and how it can unlock further conversion potential in the advertising marketplace.

Affiliate Marketing Trends and Expectations for 2020

The retail industry and e-commerce are growing at exponential rates; they have been major drivers behind the success of affiliate marketing, and will continue to be.

While marketing campaigns will see a shift from traditional marketing content to video, a few things—such as commission rates and the role of mobile devices—will stay the same.

Here are the major trends we’ve seen in affiliate marketing, and will continue to see in the next few years.

  • With easy and quick access to mobile devices—combined with the internet—affiliate marketing will keep the focus on mobile users, mobile apps, and mobile browsing.
  • Unique images, graphics, GIFs, and visuals are the way forward to describe products through social media platforms. On the other hand, product reviews on blogs and websites will become more descriptive, thorough, and offer as much information as possible. Marketers will need to pay special attention to formatting, along with content optimization for SEO. This trend will achieve two things:
    • Visitors will be able to skim over information that’s irrelevant to them, without feeling flustered
    • Potential customers won’t have to browse for hours to get required information (which can crucial for conversions)
  • Affiliate marketing will become crucial on websites offering comparison buttons. This will be a huge opportunity for businesses to feed product information through influencers, so buyers’ questions and concerns are being addressed in real-time.

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