Affiliate Marketing Guide for Your Facebook Ads

Facebook isn’t a useless social media platform where people waste time. It isn’t where you go to keep tabs on your distant cousins. Instead, Facebook offers a wealth of opportunities for affiliate marketers. It’s a digital space which opens up endless opportunities should you decide to run Facebook Ads for Affiliate promotions.

If you’re looking to run successful Facebook Ads for affiliate promotions, here are some guidelines to make sure your Ads deliver results!

1. Set The Parameters Of Time

When it comes to running Facebook Ads, you should know that the time you’ve to available to run the ad will also greatly affect your game plan. This means your strategy will vary according to the time you’ve on your hands. So while a Facebook Ad Campaign for a product launch will depend on a different game plan, a one with Christmas sales will be entirely different.

Long-term or short-term strategy, all of this will boil down to the window of time.

So before you launch your affiliate Facebook campaign, be absolutely clear on the time you’ve available!

2.  Set A Campaign Budget

Once you’ve decided on the time you’ve to run the Ad, move on to setting the budget. This is because you can’t just walk into the Facebook platform without having done your homework. Also, your budget isn’t infinite. To make sure you don’t run into any horrible surprises along the way set a budget for your campaign.

This means decide on the number of weeks you’ll be running your Facebook Ads for affiliate promotions. Is it three weeks or two? If it’s three, what’s your budget? If for instance, you’ve set 100$ for these three weeks, don’t go beyond that.

3. Fine Tune By Setting A Target Audience

For your Facebook Ads to be perfect you need to set the target audience for the campaign. Ask yourself who’s this Ad targeted to? Is it the young college educated females in their mid 20’s that you’re trying to reach? Is this household product for moms in the age bracket 28-32 in San Diego?

Targeting audience based on demographics, geography and occupation will ensure that only the person you’re interested in buys the product!

4. Use Only The Right Content

Use captions that are attention grabbing. But stay away from cheap tactics! This means don’t intentionally try to deceive your targeted customer. Make sure you see power words and catchy images. This means if you’re promoting a beauty product, then use an image of a beauty product.

If you’re promoting hair products, use an image of an individual brushing their hair.

In short, make your image and copy both appropriate to what you’re promoting.

5. Create Your own Landing Page

To generate traffic, make sure that your affiliate link sends the customers to your own landing page. Your landing page could be anything! It can even be a blog where you review the product you’re promoting. It can even be a fan page.

But before you proceed ahead, make sure to check out Facebook’s Ad guidelines.

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