Aim with Precision: 5 Tips to Improve Shooting Accuracy

If you’ve practiced shooting, we are sure that you’re always looking to shoot with accuracy. It gives you a confidence boost when you hit the bull’s eye. While shooting is a fun exercise, you must practice well to put your skills to use when you’re faced with a self-defense situation. 

This blog talks about 5 ways you can improve your shooting accuracy.

1.    Trigger Pull

a person practicing trigger pull through dry firing

Always examine how you pull the trigger. While many people think that a heavy trigger is the cause of lousy shooting accuracy, that’s not the case. Neither is your trigger’s quality or it’s model. It’s your technique to pull the trigger that makes you miss your target. Dry firing is the best practice that you can do to perfect the trigger pull.


2.    Rifle Optics

a foreshortened photograph of a rifle with a focus on the iron sight

The rifle optics or iron sights can also lead to shooting inaccuracies. These optics help you locate your aim and shoot in a direction. If these iron sights are out of focus or aiming at something else, your shot won’t be perfect no matter how well practiced you are. Optics are often susceptible to movements. Therefore, adjust them occasionally. You can also check the base of your scope rings. At times they need adjustment too.


3.    Ammunition

a closeup shot of some bullets

You must ensure that your firearm is loaded with the right ammunition made for that particular weapon. While testing, you’ll notice that some shots go towards the right and others go to the left. Try other ammunition to see which one hits the aim with the most accuracy.


4.    Clean Your Gun

a pistol that has been cleaned and lubricated

Guns with ammunition on paper target shooting practice

Carefully clean the barrel and scrub the receiver. Then lubricate all the parts of your rifle. If your rifle magazines are detachable, thoroughly clean them as well. Just like any other device, regular service and cleaning can help with accuracy.


5.    Get Fit

men adding a running routine to their day to be able to shoot with accuracy

Do breathing exercises and yoga for accuracy. These exercises will help you clear up your mind and focus on your aim and maintain balance. Schedule daily runs and add some burpees. Adding a few sets of Russian kettlebell swings would also help you maintain good posture. To round things off, focus on your diet. Avoid junk food and consume as many whole foods as you can.


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