Aligning Your Content Strategy With Your Sales Funnel To Save Your Business

What is your first instinct when you can’t recall the meaning of a word or remember the capital city of a country? That’s right; you instantly run a Google search!

Google has become the magical globe that can reveal answers to questions about the past, present or future!

Now shift gears and think from a business’ point of view. The best way to compete and lead in your industry is to strengthen and perfect your content strategy to the point where you start dominating Google search results.

As a matter of fact, on average, the first page of Google search results contain 1890 words. Long form web content that receives more shares than short form is over a 1000 words! This shows why content is the backbone of a strong SEO strategy.

The key isn’t just to create abundant content but to align it with your sales funnel. Here are all the benefits you can reap with that.

More on-site Content

It may sound like an obvious statement but the more focused your content strategy is, the more you’ll have to display on your website. This also increases the chances of grabbing the attention of a potential customer who might like something on your page and click.

This also helps create familiarity between a first-time user and your brand because your brand doesn’t just show, it speaks to them. And for that you need words i.e. powerful content.

Better Visibility on Search Engines

If you’re a brand running the same marathon as several other brands in the same industry, the struggle is to be seen among a thousand others.

And don’t be under the impression that just providing products or offering services is enough to attract and retain crowds.

There are several substitutes for every product in the industry. The only way you can get to the top is by attaining visibility and that’s best done with a content strategy.

Higher Domain Authority

Users don’t just come across your website randomly; they either use referrals to type out your name in their search bar or they don’t. What helps getting referred to and endorsed by others is acquiring authority on your area of expertise.

For instance, if you’re offering massage therapy and services, your content should strongly cite credible sources and statistics that make the content credible.

That can be done if your content earns more links from external sources. This not only pushes your rankings higher up but also brings more organic traffic to your website.

There are endless benefits to maintaining a strong content strategy; these are just a few! But how do you make a winning content strategy?

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