Analyzing the Impact of AI on Web Design and Development

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has evolved a lot from the days of IBM 700, the first ever AI program to be developed, which was capable of playing checkers.

Today, the technology impacts our lives in various capacities, from driving our Amazon purchases to booking our hotel reservations to helping us build powerful websites.

AI’s role in web design and development has increased in the last few years. The technology has enabled businesses to develop websites faster and in a more efficient way.

It has opened doors to new customization options that were previously unheard and unthought of. It has taken the field of web design and development to the next level.

Let’s take a closer look at how AI has impacted web design and web development practices, and the process in general.

Building a Website Has Become a Breeze

Previously, if you had to build a website, you had to learn coding. The advent of website builders did help in easing out things to an extent, but the approach still required time, manual work, and an understanding of web design principles.

Plus, websites designed on website builders lacked the advanced features, which somewhat made the option less appealing for creating business or high-end websites.

Those who did not want to learn coding or wanted a premium website would then turn to outsourcing companies to get their website done.

AI changed these practices.

Today, there are AI-powered platforms available that allow you to build modern websites with minimum hassle and without any coding knowledge.

These platforms ask you questions about the needs of your website and are based on the answers you provide them and the information they gather from analyzing the best websites online, they create a website for you that is both unique and robust.

Isn’t that simply amazing?

Websites with Smart UX are No More a Work of Fiction

UX is a critical part of any website. It is what keeps customers on a website and swiftly funnels them towards making a purchase.

Thanks to AI, web developers can now create UX elements that are better than ever before. Even more impressively, using the technology, developers can design a UX capable of “thinking” and functioning smartly.

Leading examples of websites with such UXs include:

  • Amazon, which shows you the product you’re looking for without even waiting for you to perform a search.
  • Netflix, which shows you recommendations based on the previous shows you’ve watched on the streaming service.

Testing Can Now Be Done in an Automated Way

AI has also changed the way websites are tested.

Web developers are using AI algorithms to effectively diagnose websites for bugs and errors. These algorithms allow for faster testing and also help point out any issues that may arise with the website in the future.

Moving forward, you can expect AI to become even more involved in the design and development of websites, which is something worth following closely.

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