Angled Vs Vertical AR-15 Foregrips

From barrels to butt grips to scopes and foregrips, every accessory you out on your rifle makes a significant impact on the overall shooting experience it delivers. Of course, every shooter has their own preferences and requirements, which is why there’s no one right way of customizing your rifle. The most important thing is that your rifle feels right in your hands.

When it comes to choosing a foregrip for your rifle, there are two primary options you have: angled foregrips and vertical foregrips, with each having its unique pros and cons.

Not sure about which one you should go for? No worries – here’s a little primer on both types of foregrips.

Vertical Foregrips

Some shooters find it easier to grip at a vertical angle rather than a horizontal one. For such shooters, vertical grips, also referred to as “broomstick grips” are best as they extend straight down from the barrel. They provide better control on your rifle with your off-trigger hand.

Vertical foregrips are generally preferred by shooters who want max vertical stability, as well as those firing large quantities of rounds quickly. When you fire more than a hundred rounds in one go, the rail and the barrel can reach extremely high temperatures and can burn your skin if you aren’t wearing gloves.

Since they’re placed away from the rail and the barrel, vertical foregrips don’t absorb as much heat and are perfect for these situations.

Angled Foregrip

Many shooters prefer angled foregrips for their more natural and comfortable position. These foregrips allow you to aim precisely with much lower tension. Angles foregrips also perform great in rapid fire situations.

When you use an angled foregrip, your hand is placed closer to the rifle’s rail, allowing for a more natural form that’s drawn firmly into your shoulder, which reduces the tension in your non-trigger hand. This also allows for better control for muzzle climb, which is a common problem shooters face during rapid fire situations.

Angled foregrips also provide a reference point to the shooter, helping them achieve a more consistent form, which can’t be done by just gripping the rail alone. This allows for more streamlined lateral movement, enabling you to transition from target to target faster and precisely.

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