App Development and Augmented Reality: Impact on Businesses

Augmented reality is more than just a buzzword in the digital landscape; it is a promise of success that’ll impact businesses from the core in the coming years.

It offers a powerful framework which guides business strategies for the future and in this regard, it can be called a precursor of a new movement in commerce.

For long, online buyers have faced and struggled with the dilemma of making bind purchases with little to no assurance about the real-life look or use of the product. AR aims to address this issue by adding a real dimension to the online shopping experience. It literally puts ‘reality’ in a virtual space where customers previously had no autonomy except browsing through pictures in product albums.

AR in Different Industries

This is a technology that’s not only adaptable for a range of industries but has performed equally well in every capacity. Be it for a top makeup brand in the cosmetic industry or an educationist working in the development sector, AR has always managed to deliver promises better than it was expected.

It has prevailed successfully in various domains like gaming, media, and marketing, entertainment, traveling and even healthcare. Since its key feature involves allowing online users to experience something in a virtual space as realistically as possible, it naturally became a big hit in every sector.

Upward Graph of Success

Statistics have confirmed that speculations have been made in a positive light about the success of AR by the year 2020. AR glasses are already being traded cross borders as AR permeates the culture of commerce in every capacity. Global shipment of AR products is expected to hit 5.4 million by the said year and the market overall is going to inflate and expand to about US$90 billion.

AR vs VR

When you talk about the popularity of AR, it’s not unusual to expect a discussion on VR as well. Since these twin technologies have brought about transformative changes in the world of commerce, it’s hard to dissociate the two.

However, as far as futuristic success is concerned, AR is expected to beat VR by revenues that are triple the amount. Even though VR has altered the face of the gaming industry, it still couldn’t beat the wide-scale trend-following of Pokémon Go, which can easily be attributed to AR technology.

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