How AR and AI is Revolutionizing Special Education

With our lives increasingly revolving around technology, it makes sense to shift traditional teaching practices toward digital channels as well. Educational institutes—from elementary schools to college and beyond—can benefit immensely from the use of augmented reality and artificial intelligence in the classroom.

The use of AI and AR is especially beneficial for children who need an extra push in classrooms. This shift in teaching methods also has room to consider that different children respond to different teaching techniques.

AR and AI work together to form a conducive environment, especially for children with special needs to learn and grow like any other kid—and be able to qualify for similar opportunities at school and in life. Here are some ways in which AR and AI are revolutionizing special education:

Immersive Education Through AI and AR

Immersive education helps students with special needs to learn advance complex through visuals and sounds instead of just banking on abstract, theoretical concepts taught using traditional teaching methods.

With virtual reality headsets and smartphones compatible and equipped with the necessary features and tools, the experience of how classrooms are conducted can be transformed and made more inclusive and accessible.

Through AR and AI, the images that surround learners look real—opening extraordinary avenues for them to explore concepts in newer ways.

While kids who need special education have a hard time grasping complex concepts, AR gives them a hands-on learning opportunity where they can interact with virtual objects in real-time.

Machines & Learning

AI and AR are transforming our world; its impact on education is largely untapped but we know that it’s going to be revolutionary.

Credited to its self-learning abilities, AI and AR can transform a student-teacher relationship. For example, voice recognition and text-to-speech features can help kids with virtual and hearing impairment learn faster and better.

The Difference AI And AR Can Make In Academia

Developing educational tools using AI and AR is challenging. But given the technological advancements that have already taken place, the task isn’t impossible. Here are some benefits that a fully developed AI and AR strategy can provide to kids who need special education:

  • Personalized educational experience for every child
  • Increases attention span
  • Tailor made learning process and strategies for every learner

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