How AR Can Help You Improve Interaction with Your Consumer Base

Augmented Reality (AR)—the technology that involves overlaying virtual images onto real-world environments and objects via mobile devices—is currently transforming customer service across a wide range of industries. The technology has emerged as a revolutionary tool that allows businesses virtually limitless opportunities to interact with their customers on their preferred devices.

The AR Revolution

We’ve collected top-line data from a multitude of research reports and surveys that highlight the growing prominence of AR in customer service:

An increasing number of businesses are now recognizing AR’s vast potential in terms of enhancing customer relationships. More enterprises than ever are now looking to incorporate AR remote assistance, a robust collaborative remote guidance solution, into their customer support systems. Compared to other mediums, this is exponentially more efficient as desired actions can be visually highlighted—which allows quicker, more efficient interpretation and execution of instructions.

AR technology can be particularly beneficial areas of self service, contact centers, and field service. Let’s take a closer look.

How AR Can Be Used in Field Services

AR technology makes it easier for field service companies to conduct field repairs, give access to remote experts when needed, or provide remote assistance to customers via smartphones or head-mounted display. Using Augmented Reality in field services improves training, minimizes technician error and boosts first-time resolutions.

How AR Can Improve Customer Service in Contact Centers

With AR, agents in contact centers can visually interact with customers and clients as “virtual technicians”. This will:

  • Enhance efficiency
  • Save resources
  • Improve key performance indicators (KPIs) of contact centers
  • Enrich customer experience via personalized visual guidance

Using AR to provide remote assistance will significantly boost first-call resolutions and lessen the need for technician dispatch.

Customer Self Service

Augmented Reality-based self service enables consumers to access a company’s knowledge base with their smartphones. They can use training materials, manuals, and FAQs to effectively solve more issues on their own. Providing self-service that is AR-based will reduce the number of technician visits and decrease contact volume.


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