How Artificial Intelligence Will Revolutionise Cloud Computing

Every person aware of the ability of cloud computing knows how it

impacts businesses and helps store data.

The question now is how can artificial intelligence (AI) improve cloud computing?

Can AIs Speak?

Companies are now able to create AI which can learn as they work.

A good example of this would be an AI defeating the world’s best Go Player. The AI was able to learn the different strategies because of playing millions of games and figuring out the next step.

We already have personal assistants in our phones that understand and respond to our voice commands.

The aim is however to develop systems which can learn as they go and respond in different ways; in other words, communicate like a human being. Cloud computing can help AI use data and learn new things. It can then respond differently—better.

Combining AI and Cloud Computing

Microsoft, Google and Amazon have started to incorporate the abilities of AI technology. There are two major groups at the moment making use of AI technology.

Cloud Machine Learning Platforms use a very specific kind of technology. Most cloud ML technologies do not allow AI programs written in mainstream AI. AI Cloud Services is another model. It allows the application to make use of AI capabilities without the user investing in sophisticated AI infrastructures.

However, there is still need for these cloud platforms to evolve from their basic model into programs which are widely used and supported.

Can AI Power Be The Future Of Cloud Computing

The AI-first cloud is the first cloud computing model built around AI capabilities. Cloud computing is an extremely well set up technology, however AI brings with it a set of unique characteristics that are sure to benefit the next generation of cloud computing platforms.

In the future, we can expect to see AI as the foundational of cloud platform infrastructures.

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