Is Augmented Reality Marketing Really the Next Big Thing?

After Pokemon Go took the world by storm back in 2016, the world is no longer a stranger to everything AR is capable of. Millions of people are interacting with their surroundings through the cameras in their smartphones, social media apps, search engines, and mainstream photo sharing apps such as Snapchat.

But is AR really as big a thing as major corporations would have you believe? We’d have to say yes, considering it’s expected to reach a market size of a staggering 209.2 billion dollars globally by 2022!

Today, many businesses and major corporations have started incorporating AR and VR capabilities into their marketing campaigns, opening up a whole new world for the digital marketing industry. By doing so, they are also helping get rid of the stigmas associated with the technology, the main one being that the immersive technology is only useful for the gaming and entertainment.

Here are just a few examples of the theory being brought to practice this year:

Audi and Porsche’s AR Apps

Would you ever buy a brand new car without taking it out for a test drive first? Of course not!

Some of the world’s largest automotive brands, such as Audi, Porsche, and Volkswagen have started jumping on the AR bandwagon by allowing you to experience a more immersive and engaging transition than a standard TV ad and explore the complex technical aspects of each vehicle even before the car has been released for the public.

Coca-Cola Magic

Coca-Cola’s entire marketing premise is based upon making festive moods even merrier with the introduction of a delicious fizzy drink into the mix of family, friends, and food. When the company introduced the Coca-Cola Magic AR app in Armenia, they took the festivity to the next level by playing a Christmas song along with adding a jolly Santa Claus into your party.

While a pretty basic form of AR, the app did what it was supposed to: the app reached #1 in all categories in the App Store and was the top new app in Google Play, garnering massive publicity for the company!

Sephora’s Visual Artist

Ever bought a lipstick shade online only to have it look completely different on you than it did on the model? Sephora’s Visual Artist app solves this problem by allowing you to upload a picture of yourself and virtually trying on different makeup to discover how particular makeup colors would complement your complexion, eye, and hair color.

You may even try on different looks specially created by Sephora’s makeup artists and experiment with different looks to find your perfect look, all without spending a penny on makeup that ends up in the bin because it’s the wrong shade!

AR and the Future

According to a survey conducted by ISACA, the American public sees promise in Augmented Reality and expects it to make everyday living more convenient as well as help businesses gain an edge over their competition. At the rate it is being adopted by businesses all across the world, there is little doubt that the prediction of its future market value will become a reality in little to no time.

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