The Benefits of Identifying a Customer Persona for Marketing

Businesses invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into their marketing and advertising each year. It’s important that you focus on developing content that is relevant, engaging, and appealing to your intended audience.

One of the most effective ways to do this is by creating what is known as a buyer or customer persona. Though based on various pieces of evidence, it is a fictional persona based on certain generalizations and assumptions about the characteristics of potential and existing customers.

A buyer persona acts as a point of reference when you’re creating marketing content, and there are many advantages to it, including:

Gain an in-depth understanding of who they are

Knowing who you’re targeting, what their jobs are, their preferences, interests, hobbies, socio-economic demographics, shopping habits can give you insight into how you can better approach them. You can understand their needs better, connect more deeply and authentically, and also avoid their pain points.

Easier for personalized marketing methods

Personalized marketing methods are a highly effective way to reach your intended audience, and there are several ways to go about it, from simple emails to complex branded video marketing and production. Segmented marketing is a great way to target various personas and groups that are more specific and defined. This means you can alter content, tone, language, and approach the group in the way that they will be most receptive to.

Not only can you market more directly, but it’s also easier for other departments such as your sales team and collaborators such as marketers to use this information when approaching clients or creating content.

Helps you steer clear of the wrong audience

This might not be the most evident benefit at first, but building a buyer persona also teaches you to steer clear of the wrong audiences. Clients who do not align with or have an interest in your product, whose values don’t match yours, and are generally demographics and groups you want to avoid. These are known as negative personas and can go a  long way in saving you time, money, and effort in targeting them.

Improvement in overall efficiency and content

With a clearer idea of whose patronage you want, you will spend less time and effort in experimenting and trying to see what works. Instead, you’ll have a  more efficient model and spend less money on trying to win them over. As mentioned above, it will also allow your content partners, such as marketing specialists, to create content geared toward these groups.

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