Benefits of IPv4 for Businesses

When the IPv4 protocol was launched in the early 80s, it was never believed that around 4 billion of these addresses will get used up. The unthinkable has happened and IPv4 addresses are getting depleted.

However, for now, there are quite a few advantages for business owners to stay loyal with IPv4. Let us take a look at some of them:

It Offers Incredible Security

Although IPv4 addresses are getting depleted, it does not mean that there is any lack of security in the system. The Internet Protocol has been safe for years and there is no difference now. In fact, with advances in technology, such as strong data encryption, the platform has only gotten better.

It Allows Large Routing Tasks

IPv4 has many functional routers that are still in place and form the backbone of Internet today. IPv4 also uses hierarchical and flat routing to offer enhanced functionality to users.

This remarkable infrastructure allows simple and easy connectivity across multiple devices. In fact, addresses that do not require Network Address Translation (NAT) can easily function through robust firewalls.

It Has a Wide Range of Video Libraries and Conferences

The immense number of Internet users has taken a toll on networks around the world. It has made browsing and data transfer slower and less efficient.

Having said that, IPv4 addresses get redefined and evolve year after year. Currently, they contain vast video libraries and conferences to offer enhanced functionality to users.

It Offers Flexibility

IPv4 also offers flexibility and scalability options to business owners. It works incredibly for organizations with large data communication needs.

Some Reasons Why IPv4 Will Stay for Some Time

Business owners need to understand that although the advent of IPv6 is inevitable (we are running out of IPv4 addresses), it is very likely that IPv4 will not go anywhere anytime soon. Here are two reasons:

Lack of Compatibility between the Two Protocols

One major issue preventing IPv6 adoption is that IPv4 nodes cannot communicate with IPv6 nodes. Since most devices today use IPv4 as their Internet Protocol system, there would be no point for organizations to shift to IPv6 as yet.

Temporary Resolution of IPv4 Exhaustion

One way Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have been able to solve the problem of IPv4 exhaustion is by sharing these addresses. Parties that no longer need IPv4 addresses can sell them to parties that do need it, thereby resolving the problem temporarily.

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