The Best Affiliate Marketing Tools for Your Business

The best thing about affiliate marketing and what makes it a hot favorite for most businesses is that it is easy to measure its success. This is part of the reason why a large chunk of the budget is allocated to affiliate marketing by most businesses.

Already a booming industry on its own, it’s expected to reach around seven billion dollars by next year. How does one compete with the simultaneously growing digital marketing industry? To do so you need the right tools to manage your affiliate marketing and make it a success.

There are multiple charms of affiliate marketing such as a relatively lower investment cost. You can enjoy flexible working hours and make your own schedule because ultimately you are your own boss. You also have access to a global marketplace and you can connect to audiences from around the world.


This tool is necessary for anyone who wants to do a quick hop through the entire process of building a successful affiliate site from the very beginning. The site serves a platform for people to be able to sell and purchase websites. With Flippa, it’s possible for affiliate marketers to buy the right sites so they can jump into building their SEO Empire.

Be sure to run back link audits on the domain you end up with so you can ascertain a previous owner is not inflating it.

Google analytics

This is the most extensive analytics tool for affiliate marketers and is necessary for use irrespective of what kind of audience you’re trying to target. You can use it to check  the traffic being generated on your website. You can track conversions, links, split test, analyze different behavior and get real data on how your consumers are engaging with your product.


CJ affiliate

Building partnerships with sites for sales is just the beginning for affiliate marketing. CJ affiliate is the best resource for affiliate partnerships. It is most useful for driving sales because it’s a great tool to connect publishers to advertisers. Publishers can earn per phone call, lead or website visitor they drive for the advertiser. Affiliate marketers get to observe a slightly higher commission per sale by working directly with advertisers; this is still a great tool to kick start the process.

For more information on software that can be used to manage your affiliates better, LeadDyno can help you out. You can also sign up to set up your own affiliate website immediately.

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