Why Boriding is the Undisputed King of Surface Treatment Methods

While there are countless metal coating treatments commercially available today, none are better than Boriding as far as combating and minimizing erosion is concerned. These days, most companies and factories turn away from boriding because of its relatively high price tag. That being said, its usefulness and cost effectiveness cannot be understated!

Here’s why boriding is the undisputed king of surface treatment methods.

Extremely Hard:

The best thing about boriding a metal surface (i.e. the substrate) is that it makes it incredibly hard. Results of the industry standard Knoop microhardness test indicates that boriding a substrate leaves it with a minimum microhardness of 1500 KNOOP!

Heavy equipments

In simpler terms, this means that boriding makes it possible for your machines to function satisfactorily for years more than their advertised life period! This enables companies to save thousands of dollars in investments as they don’t have to spend a handsome fee on new machinery.


What separates boriding from other surface treatment methods is the fact that it’s ridiculously uniform. The smoothness of the substrate instead of being adversely affected is actually enhanced which means the possibilities of hotspot formation is further minimized.

As the surface of the substrate has been rendered completely smooth, there are no points on it where mechanical pressure and heat are concentrated. This results in machines operating for longer periods of time than ever before.

Heavy industry

Because of its resistance to erosion and increased thermal stability, boriding is commonly used these days to treat all sorts of metals and alloys such as steel, carbon steels, nickel-based super alloys and cobalt alloys, etc. In fact, the only materials that shouldn’t be treated by boriding is Aluminum and Aluminum based alloys!

Protection against Wear and Tear:

Friction is defined as the opposing that tries to restrict the motion of object. If two materials have high coefficients of friction, you will find it nearly impossible to slide them over each other without producing sparks!

Boriding services are much better than other surface treatment methods as they offer unparalleled protection against wear and tear. As the metal has a surprisingly low coefficient of friction, boronized substrates can work for longer, and experience harsher collisions without producing sparks!


So if you want to protect your pipes, pumps, motors or any other machines from the perils of erosion, you should get them coated with Boron as soon as possible!

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