Brands, Blogs and Beyond: Bridging the Gap Between Clicks and Conversion

We’ve all been there; caught amidst the crowd, ransacking the 50% off shelves at a trendy clothing boutique—a boutique you normally wouldn’t step foot in, were it not for the unbelievable sale.

Maybe you heard about it from a coworker, or saw it on their website; perhaps you caught it on your Facebook newsfeed, or noticed it trending in the Twitterverse.

No matter how you came across the information, you made an effort to go there.

But what happens when you get there, spend about 30 minutes browsing through the aisles, only to leave the store with your wallet full and your hands empty?

You’re unimpressed, uninspired and likely to never return.

And what can business owners learn from this story?

That a catchy marketing campaign alone is not enough to raise revenue. That cutting down the price of a commodity by half is not necessarily the solution to stunted sales. And last, but not the least, traffic is not always a true indicator of business performance.

Steering the Wheel of Success

In the world of social media, clicks mean everything—more so if they generate leads and conversion.

Say, you recently launched an online gift store. You have a fantastic presence on multiple social media platforms with a catchy tagline, colorful images, comprehensive blog posts and a quick and easy shopping process.

You update your website regularly and have thousands of views every day.

So why do you only get a handful of orders every week?

According to an experienced SEO consultant at Spark Plug Media, it could be one or all of the following reasons:

1. You’re targeting the wrong audience.

Sure, it’s a gift shop—but what kind of gifts do you specialize in? Children’s toys? Occasional presents? Luxury items? Chocolates? “Gifts” is a pretty broad term, and if your tagline has the word “joy” or “happiness”, it doesn’t make it any clearer who you’re targeting. We all love gifts, and we all seek happiness.

Solution: Refine your marketing campaign to reel in the right kind of traffic.

2. You’re not transparent enough.

Having a noticeable social media presence unfortunately isn’t enough to make you truly accessible. Viewers may be interested in your products, but uncomfortable doing business online—which means you need to convince them you’re a legitimate company.

You wouldn’t pay online for tickets to an amusement park that you’ve never visited or heard of, but you would book them online months in advance for Disney World, and rightly so.

Solution: Create an About Us section with names and images, shine a light on top talents, share videos, add a detailed FAQ section and update your contact information. Remember, in transparency lies trust.

3. You’re not experimenting with optimization tools.


There’s a reason why the U.S. is expected to spend up to $120 billion in digital marketing by 2021. This includes investment in conversion rate optimization, such as multivariate testing, to improve the performance of your landing page.

Solution: Hire a reputable SEO agency and make optimization your new mantra.

Spark Plug Media carries over 6 decades of experience in business consultation and marketing, offering tried and tested digital marketing services for businesses in Denver, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, and Dallas.

Spark your imagination with the tools of optimization.

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