Why Brands Should Be Creating Tutorial Videos

Videos are an easy and convenient way to absorb copious amounts of information and learn more about different topics, products and ideas. They’re quick and show a physical demonstration, can be referred to multiple times and allow for easier consumption of knowledge, requiring less effort on behalf of the viewer who doesn’t need to focus on textual instructions and can, instead, rely on a combination of audio and visual instructions. It’s why promotional video services such as San Diego’s 336 Productions Inc. offer this service to various brands.

This is particularly helpful for viewers trying to learn the use of certain products and services. For instance, viewers who don’t know how to place an order with a business or the correct technique of using their product, can easily view their tutorial video and learn. In fact, Tweets with videos receive 10x more engagement than those without!

If you haven’t been producing tutorial videos for your potential and existing clients, here’s why you should take that route:

Tutorial videos simplify your product/service

Instructional videos help users and viewers understand your product better and realize why they need it. Take, for instance, companies like Real Techniques, whose makeup experts show the practical use of their sponges, brushes and other tools. These tutorial videos are generally what users see when they’re perfecting their own techniques. It’s simple but ingenious!

They establish authority

Apart from your specific product, instructional videos can also relate to other issues in the industry, take an FAQ-style approach, and include guest speakers or industry experts come in and add value to your content. It’s a way for your brand to establish authority and credibility while giving viewers valuable content and information. This is not just great from an engagement point of view—Instagram users engage the most with video content than any other content type—it will help improve your SERPs too.

Search engines love videos and content that’s innovative and unique. Algorithms will automatically bring you above competitors when your content is relevant, informative and value-laden.

They’re shareable

Video marketing, in general, is encouraged because it brings organic traffic and gains traction due to its shareability. Your videos can be reposted, linked, shared and circulated with ease, racking up views and attention that also indicate higher conversion rates. For instance, Pinterest users are 2.6 times more likely to follow through with a purchase after watching videos, which is an indicator of how effective this medium is for conversions.

They give your brand a personality and persona

A brand needs to have a voice and a story, but in addition to that, it needs to have a personality. By pushing out products and nothing else, you distance yourself from consumers and audiences. When a human element such as an instructor, a demonstrator or an ambassador are added, your audience can relate to what you do much better. If you have a tech enthusiast demonstrating the use of your new application, or simplifying the registration process, conversions are likely to go up because people now know the how.

If you’re eager to put your company out there and show users how they can enjoy your services, get in touch with 336 Productions, an Orange County-based video company, to create effective tutorial videos!

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