Breaking into the Chinese Market: A Guide

Over 800 million people use the internet in China, making it the largest market that accesses the internet. E-commerce has boomed in the country, since the Chinese consumer base prefers online shopping and they have the purchasing power to do so.

Due to this, western market players have begun entering this market to be a part of the growing economy and the latest trends in e-commerce.

SEO and digital marketing play a vital role in the popularity of businesses in China. Since China has its own search engines, SEO practices are different compared to the Google-centric optimizations that countries in the west perform.

Here are some tips for breaking into the e-commerce market in China:

Domain suffix

The most popular search engine in China is Baidu. This search engine gives preference to local servers and domains over international ones. As a result, your international website won’t rank well on Baidu. A ‘.cn’ domain suffix is highly encouraged when expanding to China. A dot com website is pretty much useless in the country.

Use the same domain prefix you’re currently using and get the suffix changed to .cn.

Web hosting

China is known for preferring its own web resources over other countries’. This is one of the main reasons why it has its own search engines and social media platforms as well. The same holds true for web hosting.

To rank well on Chinese search engine result pages (SERPs), you need to have a Chinese web host. Experts suggest that sharing a hosting route isn’t the best idea. A dedicated or private server will yield the best results on Baidu. Sharing a server can lead to the whole server being taken down if even one site violates the terms of use.

Chinese Keywords

Finding keywords that will help your content rank better in results is the next challenge. Google Ad Words are useless when it comes to Baidu. To get the most relevant keywords, begin typing in an item or service you sell, the autofill will give you a list of options, and those are the best keywords to add to your content. Search engines display the most frequently asked questions in their autofill results.

Take all those keywords and head on over to the Baidu Keyword Planner. This application works similarly to Google Ad Word planner. It gives you the opportunity to spend on search engine promotions for ads. There are other websites that can help you with keywords too like Zhanzhang, Aizhan, and Ciku.

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