How Does Building Automation Boost Employee Productivity?

A happy and motivated workforce serves as a critical component for any successful business.

Typically, payroll costs, including salaries and benefits, are the most considerable expense for most organizations.

And there’s a good reason behind it: they are the driving force of a company. Therefore, businesses should focus on the wellbeing of their employees.

Even a small difference in employee productivity can make a significant difference in terms of business efficiency and profitability, especially for enterprises.

The Internet of Things (IoT) provides an excellent opportunity for businesses to integrate smart building automation technology to boost employee productivity.

Let’s find out how.

Employees participating in a team business meeting under an optimal temperature and lighting condition.

Thermal Comfort

If you have ever worked in the corporate sector, you might be familiar with thermostat wars. The office temperature debate is nothing new.

But, in a business environment driven by distraction, employers can’t afford to hamper employees’ productivity due to poor temperatures.

Smart energy control systems are the best way to eliminate the need to fighting over the thermostat. Here, building automation comes to the rescue.

The smart technology solves the problem by optimizing the temperature and maximizing thermal comfort, which leads to improved productivity.

Optimal Lighting

Office lighting plays a significant role in employee productivity. Lighting has a significant impact on circadian rhythms, which affects their performance.

Dim lights can result in drowsiness, eye strain, and lack of focus, which have a negative effect on employee motivation.

Harsh lights, on the other hand, can cause eye strain, headache, and trigger migraines, making it more challenging for employees to concentrate.

Utilizing advanced technology, controls, and solutions to control lighting enables companies to take care of both ends of the spectrum.

Smart lighting controls systems provide the desired amount of light where and when needed, which allows employees to focus as well as improve concentration and mood.

Improved air quality

Improvements in air quality have led to significant increases in worker productivity. Inadequate ventilation can make employees sluggish and unproductive.

Moreover, bad air quality can trigger health issues among employees with allergies, which can affect their work performance and lead to absenteeism.

Building automation also caters to this issue by optimizing the indoor air by measuring the inside and outside temperature, humidity, and other aspects of the airflow.

It can help employers to make their workspace more efficient and also save thousands of dollars in utility bills by minimizing their energy consumption.

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