How A Business Can Ensure Application Stability

A study featured in Forbes showed that consumers hate freezing applications. It’s not surprising, then, that 76% of smartphone users have uninstalled apps because they’re freezing. Moreover, 71% have uninstalled an app because of crashes, and 59% have done so because of unresponsiveness.

To run a successful online business, it’s crucial that your application delivers consistent, error-free performance to consumers.

Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do to ensure your app’s stability; here are some things to get you started.

Monitor and Squash Bugs

When a bug in your app keeps customers from having a high-level user experience, you have to acknowledge it and have it fixed as soon as possible.

Errors in an app can occur unexpectedly; deploy tools to constantly monitor your system’s behavior and identify the reasons behind any crashes. Once you know what’s causing the errors, you can have them fixed immediately. This will help you retain users by showing them that you’re very hands-on in regard to supporting your app.

Improve User experience

The user experience (UX) your app provides is the key to whether it succeeds or falters, and the most effective way to improve user experience is by testing your app in a focus group.

You can approach a targeted group on social media and ask them to download your application. Request them to fill a survey and inform you of any problems they face when using the app and how it can be better. Their extensive feedback will help you improve your application’s user behavior and stability.

Good Memory Management

The main reason behind application crashes is a lack of memory. Not all users own high-end smartphones with large amounts of memory. Therefore, when developing your app, ensure that it doesn’t take up too much memory on a device.

Start with identifying features that take up a large chunk of RAM; evaluate if they add value to your application. If not, then it’s better to remove them from it.

A Better App Development Process

A better app development process can help your app be stable out of the gate. Make sure you conduct extensive research and devise a comprehensive but flexible plan of action before starting the development process.

If you have a large application, break it down into smaller modules during development to ensure overall stability. Lastly, progressive development and constant improvements can improve your application’s user experience and help your business grow significantly.

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