Why Should Your Business Invest In Instagram Advertising?

Once upon a time, our only resource for getting to know how the other half of our world lives was through newspapers and television headlines. Today, that knowledge is a notification away, courtesy of your favorite news source on social media.

Social media has given us a world of creative platforms for sharing information to anyone, anywhere.

The content has never been more varied, and the opportunities for innovation have never been more limitless; there is no doubt as to why social media is what most people engage with the first thing at the start of their day.

Based on Statista’s global social media usage survey, the number of social media users worldwide is expected to increase to 2.95 billion by 2020!

Instagram For Your Business

Focusing on images and video content, as a means to deliver data to its users, Instagram ranks amongst leading social media channels. According to TechCrunch, Instagram user population reached a whopping 700 million users by early 2017.

Given that the general social media audience prefers viewing visual data over written text, they have gradually moved towards the infamous photo-and-video sharing application to fuel their daily dosage of social media. If your business doesn’t have an Instagram advertising strategy yet, it is time you consider one.

Enter A World Of Diverse Marketing Techniques

There are two ways you can advertise your business: free and paid marketing. And the best option for you is to go for both.

Although it sounds simple to set up a free Instagram account and dish out images and videos as you go, your business’s advertisement efforts might not convert well into a substantial follower count without help.

Certain factors, such as banned hashtags, posting times, and content ethics can be tricky to navigate; a task expertly performed by Instagram experts.

Paid Instagram ads appear as regular Instagram posts only a user does not have to be following your business to see them. There are four ways your business’s content will appear:

· Photo Ads

A picture is worth a thousand words. With Instagram editing tools, you can generate incredible looking pictures of your products, services, employees, events and so much more.

· Video Ads

Instagram videos can be timed up to 60 seconds. With a social media expert’s help who can derive the right content to put in, you can easily capture viewers’ attention within that one minute.

· Carousel Ads

Carousel is a relatively new feature in Instagram. This allows people to put in slideshows of images and/or videos in one post. The Carousel feature comes in handy when you launch a new business campaign and need to deliver its information in a diverse manner.

· Ads In Stories

Instagram brought and refined the “stories” feature on its app in mid-2016. This allowed people to share the events of their day in a unique way, followed by business doing the same. Lasting for an exact 24 hours, Instagram stories are similar to a limited time offer for users who wish to learn more about the businesses they are interested in.

According to Forbes, the number of Instagram marketers rose considerably last year; there are over 8 million business profiles on Instagram generate primarily by businesses in U.S., Brazil, Russia, the U.K. and Indonesia. Targeted appropriately, paid ads can be the most profitable way for you to attract potential customers towards your business on social media.

You have an opportunity to promote your business in one of the most aesthetically appealing ways possible in today’s technology, so why now take advantage of it?

NextMediaDigital offers social media marketing services for business in Miami, which includes for strategizing and deploying Instagram marketing successfully. You can not only promote, but also track your business’s ads on Instagram with professional services.

A strong user base, attractive app layouts and advertising features—Instagram has it all. The longer your business markets without Instagram, the longer it misses out on broadening its reach on the digital hub!

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