Why Does Your Business Need Cloud Mailbox?

When it comes to securing important business emails at one place, nothing beats a cloud mailbox. Coming with an unlimited storage capacity and security, these cloud mailboxes are the ultimate solution.

Cloud Mailbox

A lot of businesses find difficulty in managing emails since there’s always a lack in synchronization and organization. Therefore, to overcome such mismanagement, opting for cloud mailboxes has always been beneficial for businesses.

If you haven’t set up a cloud mailbox for your business, let’s walk you through its benefits, while highlighting why your business needs a cloud mailbox.

1. Keeps Your Emails Safe

Opting for email servers for offices can sometimes crash, or catch fire. Did you know? 25% of small businesses face such disasters and do not reopen after that. Therefore, saving all the email and other important data on the cloud can allow your business to face less of these chaotic situations.

2. Data Is Well-Secured And Controlled

In servers, data security is always a big issue. However, in cloud, security is the least concerned matter for a business.

With built-in security and on-going compliance, businesses can keep all their emails safe from being hacked. Also, in cases where computers crash or laptops break down, it can be restored again.

3. Businesses Can Organize More Than Just Emails

With cloud mailboxes, come a benefit of additional options. Not just emails can be organized, but documents, spreadsheets, presentations, calendar and office contacts—everything can be managed, even if you’re away from work. Also, it synchronizes with other devices as well, making accessibility easier.

4. Liable Monthly Subscription Cost

Unlike servers that require a hefty maintenance that might just come up at any time, costing businesses half of what they earn. Cloud mailboxes are much affordable. The only cost that really does come up while maintaining cloud mailboxes is the monthly subscription fee and that’s all. For small businesses, choosing cloud mailboxes can be a great way to maintain a crucial part of their work, in a budget-friendly way.

5. Enormous Storage Capacity

Cloud mailboxes offer a storage capacity up to 50GB. Usually, on the email applications, that don’t offer cloud storage, saving old and important emails becomes a pain. However, in cloud mailboxes, businesses can save every old email which they consider important, without having to worry about those ‘inbox too full – clean mail now’ messages popping up.

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