Is Buying a Case For iPhone 8 Worth It?

This year was amazing for Apple Smartphone fans. September 12th, 2017 was the big date—a day of unveiling the biggest news to hit the Smartphone industry since the first launch of iPhone.

Only recently has Apple announced the arrival of three beautiful iPhone products in the market; the iPhone 8 and 8+, then the iPhone X.

While users are equally excited about all three Apple gadgets, iPhone 8 (and Plus) has won the popularity game!

The iPhone 8 – Most Closest to Previous Models in Appearance

Maybe it’s the familiarity of the features and appearance, maybe it’s something else. Yet the iPhone 8 and Plus are most sought after models. Considered a huge advancement by Apple as well as users, both phones outgun previous models in every possible way!

However, there is one cause of worry. Overlooking all the hype and fanfare, the awesome advancements, glass designs and huge price tag all point towards one thing. The iPhone 8 is more delicate than its predecessors, more likely to shatter and break!

This means you have to buy a new phone case for your iPhone 8, right?

Don’t Have an iPhone 7 Case? Get an iPhone 8 One!

Remember how alike design specifications of both models are before splurging on the necessary item. Apple has pretty much maintained design used for their iPhone and Plus series, meaning the iPhone 8 is almost the same as iPhone 7!

Don’t think so? Here are the size specification differences:

iPhone 7 Size and Weight iPhone 8 Size and Weight
138.3 mm × 67.1 mm × 7.1 mm / 138 grams 138.4 mm × 67.3 mm × 7.3 mm / 148 grams

Even Slight Difference in Size Specifications Spells Trouble!

A good phone case is one that provides a good fit for the phone in question. This means exact case specifications will work for the iPhone 8! You cannot take a risk with outfitting your brand new and expensive investment inside an iPhone 7 phone case.

Plus, iPhone users would have to buy a new phone case any way if they’re planning on buying an iPhone X. The phone not only features a whole new design but also camera shape and location!

Take the best decision when it comes to your expensive and delicate iPhone 8! Buy a durable and protective clear case for your iPhone 8 today!

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