What can be done to minimize downtime during website migration?

The process of transferring a website from one web host to another is called website migration. During this process, all the important files associated with the website are sent to the new host.

Why Is Website Migration Done?

There can be a number of reasons why someone would want to switch to another host. If the website owner feels that he is not getting the storage space he needs, or the bandwidth allocated for his website is insufficient, he might consider migrating to another host. Dissatisfaction with the administration of the website and the amount of downtime the site experiences can also be factors which influence the owner’s decision to migrate.

It is important to schedule the website’s migration at the right time. Selecting a random migration schedule could hurt your business if your website’s traffic is high at that time.

Most companies prefer to migrate their website at night when the traffic is usually low. It is also important to let the visitors of your website know when the migration is taking place so they are not caught by surprised when the site becomes unavailable.

Migration Causes Downtime

Website migration can be a complicated process for inexperienced website owners, but it is absolutely essential at times. Downtime during the migration process can hit your company’s online sales and it is desirable to keep it to a minimum.

The migration process is simplified and expedited by the use of various technologies. However, your website is likely to experience a certain amount of downtime while the transfer is taking place. This downtime could vary from a few hours to a few days.

Tips For Reducing Downtime

Here are three incredibly simple tips to help you minimize your website’s downtime:

1. Never Cancel Your Old Host’s Service Until The Migration Is Done

You should inform your existing host about your intentions to migrate your website, but do not cancel their service as you might lose important data and possibly experience longer downtime. Wait for a few days after the migration is complete before cancelling. This will give you time to ensure that the migration is done properly.

2. Align The Technology Used By The Hosts

You can keep downtime to a minimum by ensuring that both the web hosts are using the same technology for the administration of your website. This will ensure that the migration is completed smoothly and there are no unnecessary hiccups.

3. Ensure That The Database Is Ready

You database backup files do not have details about your username and password. By providing the necessary details in advance and separately through cPanel, you can ensure that the software functions immediately after the transfer is complete. The relevant system files can be configured by logging in to the FTP site.

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