How Can Piracy Affect Your Business Revenue?

The outcry against online piracy has much to do with its impact on revenue generation. Piracy means replicating, reproducing, or circulating content that hasn’t been created with the writer’s consent. The purpose behind such an act is hinged on the idea of easy accessibility to books and other online products. If you think about it, piracy plays with the consumer psyche to have more at less cost and easily.

Piracy has adverse effects on your business revenue. It’s one of the many reasons small companies find it challenging to venture into business industries. Piracy is also responsible for companies spending heaps of money to track unlawful, unauthorized replicas of their products.

Dark web monitoring services help companies track unlawful activity at various sites on the internet. You can take the dark web to be the internet’s black market, where copyright infringement and selling illegally procured items is a norm.

Here’s how piracy affects your business revenue:

A Dip in Total Revenue

Even when enough people have read your book or heard your song, your product couldn’t make much profit in the market. Your distributors still feel your venture didn’t deliver to perfection. This could be because your product probably sold copyrighted and non-copyrighted versions simultaneously.

That’s a potential reason why some ventures may find it increasingly hard to make a good total in revenue.


Increases Product Costs

The influx of pirated movie and film sites was around 60% in the UK during the lockdown. Due to excessive piracy, there are chances producers increase the product’s cost to cover their expenses. The move can further fluctuate revenue collection margins and product demand.

If you haven’t hired any threat intelligence services, explore online services that have been in the market for some time to assist you with data breaches and financial fraud.


Increased Investment in Data Monitoring Services

Data monitoring services are departments that look after online content shared by corporates. They are responsible for managing the content, product, and data that a company shares with its users through online interaction. Such sites also work to protect your personal data from identity theft cases online.

Reliable data protection services offer their best facilities at specific pricing. Most companies spend much on data protection services because there’s no check and balance for piracy. It takes away a huge chunk from whatever the company makes through product sales.


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Custom solutions and detailed reports are of great help during data protection. Onsist is a company based in the Netherlands that has catered to 700+ brands and continues to thrive in the data protection industry. Their anti-piracy services include trademark monitoring, threat intelligence, and financial fraud monitoring services. Visit their website for more information.

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