Can You Use Electrical Box Extenders for Commercial Applications?

Electrical box extenders are commonly used in domestic settings to fix recessed electrical outlets. They extend the face of a junction box and flush it against the wall surface, eliminating any structural gaps that may be present due to a new wall (or tile) installation or an old outlet design (or repair) job handled incorrectly. This provides a sealed enclosure for the wires housed inside the junction box, preventing potential electrical fire and electrical shock incidents at homes.

But what about commercial installations? Can electrical box extenders be used for commercial applications as well?

Yes; electrical box extenders can be used to remediate any “gap and setback” deficiencies related to electrical outlets, regardless of whether those deficiencies are found in domestic or commercial installations.

Traditionally, commercial building owners have had to rely on either:

  • using taping mud; or
  • removing and replacing the interior gypsum wallboard to fix a recessed wall outlet.

While the first solution was cheap and convenient, it wasn’t really effective at sealing the gap. As for the second solution, although it offered a perfect seal for the wall outlet, it was expensive to perform.

Industry experts had to find a better alternative to the two, which could be cheap, convenient and effective all at the same time. And they did so by coming up with the ingenious idea of designing electrical box extenders.

Since the invention of electrical box extenders, fixing a recessed wall outlet has become easier and simple for both home and commercial consumers.

However, when choosing an electrical box extender for a commercial application, it’s important to choose the one that has high fire-resistance rating and is UL-listed. For what it’s worth, both these recommendations are also equally applicable for domestic applications. However, they become even more important in the context of commercial installations given the robust nature of these installations.

To summarize:

  • Yes, you can use electrical box extenders for commercial applications.
  • When working on a commercial project, you must use an electrical box extender that is UL-listed and has high fire-resistant rating.

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