Can Virtual Reality Be Beneficial To Corporate Training?

When it comes to corporate training, businesses still have a long way to go.

While presentations and videos are great, employees need a more hands-on approach that can help them gain insight into what the company expects from them.

Most training sessions just include brief videos or verbal instructions. But when it comes practicality, most employees have no idea where to start.

They struggle to understand and remember the basic instructions given to them.

And that’s where virtual reality comes in.

How Virtual Reality And Corporate Training Go Hand-in-Hand

Most people still associate virtual reality with gaming. But it offers more than that!

Utilizing the technology can not only help you hone the skills and talents of your employees, it can also help you get ahead of your competition.

Here’s how:

Improve Your Employees’ Critical Thinking Skills

Research shows that virtual reality has been proven to be extremely useful in cognitive training.

Companies like Walmart have been using virtual reality to train their employees on how to handle customers. With more than 11,000 stores around the world, it’s one of the biggest multinational retail corporations in the U.S. and virtual training has helped it boost retention and confidence in employees by 15%.

When you use virtual reality to train employees, you allow them the opportunity to learn through experiences. This allows them to hone their critical thinking skills because they’re able to put themselves in their client/customers’ shoes.

For example: let’s say you’re a retail corporation like Walmart. You hire a new cashier in one of your stores. You give them basic training for a week and then let them handle customers. You’ve shown them a presentation and video on how to deal with angry customers. But when a difficult customer shows up, your employee doesn’t know what to do and the situation escalates, with the customer threatening to sue your corporation.

But when you use virtual reality to train your employees, they’ll learn to handle difficult situations and customers.

Your Employees Learn To Be Prompt

One of the best things about virtual reality is that everything feels real. So, when you train your employees to handle tough clients, they’ll learn to handle the situation better and to learn to think on their feet.

This is also beneficial for employees who suffer from social anxiety. According to the National Social Anxiety Center, virtual reality has been effective in helping individuals with anxiety learn how to cope in difficult situations and boost their confidence.

Zero Distractions

One of the best things about virtual reality corporate training is that you can give your employees different missions without the worry of distractions.

They’ll be able to focus all their attention on the mission and learn at their own pace. You can also use virtual reality to train employees in teams and encourage teamwork. This way, you’ll identify those who possess leadership qualities and your team’s strengths and weaknesses.

Virtual reality is changing the game. Genieously develops virtual reality simulations and training in addition to cutting-edge advertising and marketing strategies. Contact them today for more information.

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