3 Office Security Solutions for A Safe Workplace

Workplace security is one of the primary concerns of employers who wish to make their employees and clients feel safe in order to increase productivity levels on a daily basis.

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Workplace Crime in Canada—The Economic Costs of Lax Commercial Security

Robust security solutions have become vital for asset and employee protection in workplaces across Canada. It doesn’t matter what the nature, location, or purpose of a business is; any loophole can serve as an entry point for criminal activities, be it minor vandalism or a full-scale robbery.

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Construction Jobsite Security Tips for the Holiday Season

It’s that time of the year again when you start planning for Christmas shopping, New Year soirees and hearty dinners with friends and family as you look ahead to the holiday season. But while you and your workers would be away busy partying, exchanging gifts and spending quality time with their loved ones, certain “someones”

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