3 Reasons You Need To Hire Managed Security Services

While large corporations and government organizations make headlines, smaller and medium-sized businesses are also victims of cybercrime at similarly snowballing rates. According to a survey, 15% of small businesses reported experiencing a cyber-attack recently. 

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Small Businesses, Bigger Cybersecurity Threat

Most small business owners are too focused on establishing a business to pay heed to potential threats within the cybersecurity arena. Because of a multitude of reasons—such as a lack of human resources and looming deadlines—cybersecurity is often overlooked. This makes these businesses prone to cyber-attacks that they can’t afford to endure.

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A Complete Guide to Integrated Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance

According to Gartner, Integrated Risk Management (IRM) constitutes a set of processes and practices bolstered by a “risk-aware culture and enabling technologies” that help improve performance and decision-making. These practices are integrated into the organization’s risk management strategies. While the IRM approach certainly deviates from conventional checkbox-style compliance assessments that most organizations tend to follow,

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