When Are Electrical Box Extenders Required?

Planning a remodel or changing your electrical wiring? Don’t start just yet! Whether it’s your home remodeling or office renovation, your electrical installations should be in compliance with the NEC standards. Failure to comply with these standards results in electrical hazards, claiming lives and damaging property. The code applies to the installation of electrical fixtures

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Installing Tiles or Drywall on an Existing Wall? Don’t Make This Common Mistake!

Are you installing tiles or drywall on your existing wall? If yes, make sure any affected electrical outlet sits flush with the new wall surface after the remodeling is complete. When installing tiles or drywall on an existing wall surface, many contractors fail to account for the presence of an electrical outlet on the old

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Inside the Wall: Your Metal Electrical Box and the Risk of Arcing

Electrical malfunctions or failures remain one of the top causes of home structure fires in the United States. The NFPA estimates that fire departments in the U.S. respond to an annual average of 45,210 home structure fires involving electrical malfunctions or failures. The common theme in most home electrical fire incidents? Arcing! What is arcing? Arcing

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