Lead Generation

How to Generate Leads for a Staffing Company

Staffing companies make money by offering their job posting boards to companies and agencies that need recruits. Fortunately, they don’t have to resort to the long-dead method of cold calling to attract new clients to their services.

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How to Use Social Media for Generating B2B Leads

Social media is an excellent choice to generate leads. B2B organizations and marketers, in contrast to those in the B2C industry, often overlook the potential of social media marketing. When it comes to using social media, you need to do more than simply have an account and periodically post stuff there. There’s more to this than

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Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Lead Generation

Having nurtured leads can boost your sales by more than 20%. Yes, you read that right! However, finding qualified leads is not as easy as it sounds. You may spend thousands of dollars attracting potential customers through various means and end up getting disappointed. This is where outsourcing kicks in, and after a turbulent 2020,

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