Which Industries Are The Most Affected By Industrial Robots? Find Out If Your Industry Is On The List!

In 2018, the sales of industrial robots soared up to a whopping US $16.5 billion around the globe, which was a 1% increase than the global sales recorded in 2017. Approximately 2.4 million robots were working in different industries, as of 2018. This figure is further estimated to reach up to 4 million industrial robots working

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4 Robotics Trends That Ruled 2019

The robotics industry has continually evolved over the years. While previously, people were skeptical about the use of industrial robots, as they felt threatened that robots would eventually replace them – that’s no longer the case.

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How Robots Are Revolutionizing Military Standards

The earliest use of unmanned balloons was in 1849, when Austrians attacked Venice by attaching explosives to them. The world then saw the United States developing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in World War I, circa 1916. The country successfully created the first pilotless aircraft, which then led to experiments with radio-controlled aircraft by 1937.

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