Have You Had Your Cell Phone Stolen? You’re Not Alone

If you’ve fallen prey to cell phone theft, you’re not alone.

In 2013, 3.1 million Americans were victims of phone theft, a report by Consumer Reports states. That’s twice the number of people that reported phone theft in 2012!

According to the same report, the most common reason for theft was the user forgetting their phone. Whether they left it at a café or simply forgot it at public restroom, phone theft has become common, and forgetfulness contributes significantly to the problem.

But there are also cases where the victim was in a busy area and had been pickpocketed.  For many users, it’s not the phone that is important but the data that is on it.

From images, messages and social media accounts synced to the phone, it’s easy to get information about the victim that can harm them.

Here’s the problem though: many apps are now asking for credit card information to let you use their services. This is problematic because not only is that sensitive information, you don’t want it to end up in the wrong hands.

There’s no doubt that smartphones have multi-purpose features and have become an incredible part of our lives. There have been movies, TV shows and even commercials highlighting the issue of smartphone safety.

The main problem that arises is that most users have no idea how they can secure their phones. But fortunately, there are a few ways you can.

  • Learn Your IMEI Number

track-stolen-phone-with-imeiEvery smartphone comes equipped with an IMEI number. That is, a 15-digit code that you can use to unlock your phone, and use on other networks.

If you want to keep your phone safe from harm, it’s important that you find out your IMEI number, manufacturer’s code and the model of your phone.

  • Register With a Phone Recovery Agency

Register with a phone recovery agency. They can help you locate your phone if it has been stolen. While you can still ask them to locate your phone even if you haven’t registered with them, the chances of finding your phone doubles.

Once you register, you will receive constant updates about the status of your phone’s recovery (if it gets lost). This will help keep you in loop and you can take appropriate, legal action once your phone has been recovered.

Phoneangel.com is a reliable and safe phone recovery service that offers hassle-free phone recovery across the country. If you need a quick and dependable lost phone finder, visit their website or register for their services.

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