Checklist for Choosing a Learning Management System

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Showcasing a CAGR of over 14 percent, the global learning management systems industry will rack in more than double its current revenue by 2029. The fast-tracked growth trajectory in the LMS industry comes on the back of a growing need for online learning in the business and education sector.

There is no denying that the growth in the learning management systems sector is beneficial for businesses. However, it’s also a sign that the process of choosing an LMS is becoming more complicated with time as you will have to vet hundreds of different LMS software available in the market.

So to make sure that you don’t struggle when choosing or upgrading your learning management system for business, here’s a checklist. See what the must-haves are in an advanced LMS system of today.

The Ultimate LMS Checklist

Want to make sure that your learning management system for employee training is efficient and functional? Here’s a checklist to refer to.

Prioritize Personalization

Personalization is crucial to make LMS for e-training work for your business. Learning management systems that allow users to incorporate branding in their training materials surely help businesses better communicate with their teams.

Seek Integration

Gone are the days of standalone learning management systems. To make your employee training more effective and time-saving, LMS systems must offer third-party integrations. This will help your trainers, as well as the recipients, enjoy a seamless training experience.


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Consider Mobile-Friendliness

Mobile learning is expected to generate over $80 billion by 2027. Learning management systems cannot overlook the importance of mobile learning and have to offer the same feature to the users. Help your employees learn on the go with learning management systems that work as effectively on mobile as they do on the desktop.

Don’t Overlook the Budget

Whether you need LMS for manufacturing or hospitality, make sure to stick to your budget. Look for different pricing structures and choose an LMS system vendor who’s willing to cater to your needs cost-effectively.

Cloud or Local Hosting

The world is moving to the cloud, and so should your learning management system. However, if you’re not yet ready, you can consider a locally-hosted LMS that offers the rest of the features required by your business.

Make Employee Training Simpler, Faster, and Better!

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