Choosing A VPS Provider Company? Here’s What You Must Consider First

Virtual server hosting is an excellent option for companies looking for a budgeted, yet flexible option. virtual-server-hostingOffering the best of both worlds, a VPS server provides more storage for a reasonable amount.

As both a flexible and economical hosting option, VPS servers are popular among small to medium-sized businesses.

If you are ready to move on from shared hosting, but don’t want to jump straight to dedicated servers, then VPS should be your bridge.

However, before you opt for a server, carefully evaluate what VPS providers are offering. Here are a few points to consider:

  1. Server uptime: Uptime guarantee is the most important part as your business relies on it. An ideal company will offer you 99.9% uptime. However, boasting a high uptime is not important. They should clearly state that this is guaranteed.

Remember, your business will only attract customers if your website is continuously available to them.

  1. Cost: The only reason some businesses choose VPS over dedicated servers is because of its economic rates. It will ultimately help you decide which provider and plan to choose. Companies providing monitoring and updates may charge more for these services, but will be worth the extra payment.

Hence, when looking at the cost, also keep in mind the services which are offered by the company.

  1. Security: Although all VPS providers offer some type of security, certain providers go farther by securityproviding additional options. Consider all the security options provided by a VPS host to help maintain the security to its highest levels.

This can help prevent hacking attempts which may otherwise result in downtime.

  1. Customersupport: If you suddenly require assistance, you want to be able to reach the service provider. Glitches come unannounced; a 24/7 customer service is imperative.

In addition, they should be available through various sources. For instance, they might be available through phones as well as online chats in case a call can’t be made.

  1. Add-ons and other features: From disk space to bandwidth of a plan, several factors can affect the efficiency of these servers. Furthermore, certain add on features such as extra IP, extra bandwidth and extra protection is available with some companies.

If you’re looking for flexible and budgeted VPS options, we recommend HostSailor. The company guarantees 99.9% uptime, 24/7 customer service and a high customer satisfaction. Furthermore, they offer numerous add-ons to be added for customizable services.

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