How Cloud Adoption Can Be Simplified With A Next-Gen Web Gateway

Increased levels of cloud adoption mean that an overwhelming majority of corporate traffic is destined to land on the internet. Backhauling this traffic and directing it to a conventional Web Gateways’s “Hub and Spoke” infrastructure, however, proves to be quite costly – networks grind to a halt, and VPNs end up useless for remote employees. Such dismal levels of performance are particularly critical to avoid in the COVID-19 induced remote work model most organizations have had to adopt.

However, several organizations are adopting the cloud quicker than they can be secured, or they’re utilizing on-premises Web Gateway procedures and tools that weren’t designed to facilitate the unique challenges and requirements of cloud traffic. This tends to result in data leaks, malware infections, cyberattacks, or just lower levels of productivity.

With that in mind, it’s crucial for IT departments to apply a flexible but secure direct-to-cloud Web Gateway that protects against threats, maintain productivity levels, and ensures availability.

Here’s a look at what a Next-Gen Web Gateway can help achieve.

Zero-Day Real-Time Malware Prevention

To contend with increasingly robust and formidable cybersecurity solutions, cyber threats are forced to evolve continuously, growing more targeted and customized. To help protect your organization from such targeted threats, it’s crucial to adopt zero-day, real-time protection. You need a solution that works in real-time, not something that detects a threat after the fact. A next-gen cloud-secure Web Gateway provides effective cloud security solutions working simultaneously as threats are encountered.

Availability And Scalability

The unique circumstances that the COVID-19 situation has necessitated a cloud solution that offers scalability because of mushrooming remote workforces. A cloud-based infrastructure allows for that, as opposed to an SWG that is merely cloud-hosted. Moreover, a robust cloud-based service offers significantly greater uptime. With how uncertain things are for the foreseeable future, you cannot afford costly downtimes.

Hire a Cloud IT Consulting Expert for Real-Time Cloud-Based Solutions

A cyberattack can cripple your business if your cloud-based solution does not possess the tools to create a robust security infrastructure. In order to keep your organization safe from cyber threats, it’s recommended that you partner with a cybersecurity professional.

Manoharan Mudaliar is a certified information security manager who has developed a stellar reputation for helping organizations devise robust and effective information security strategies for their systems and networks in order to ward off security breaches. He also provides a wide range of effective cloud computing solutions that help organizations enhance system capabilities while reducing maintenance-related downtime.

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