CNC Router: What Makes it an Essential Tool for Sign Makers

gnage industry is replete with old and new kinds of sign making tools and equipment, but nothing beats a CNC router. Being a cost-efficient, fast, and an accurate machine, the CNC router can benefit your signage business in many ways.

Routed signs have been in the market for many years, but creating them at a low cost has always been a struggle for companies. And that’s where CNC routers come in. 

Short for Computer Numerical Control, CNC is an advanced technology that uses 3D axis for engraving and cutting wood, metal, foam, glass, and many other composites. CNC routers are one of the best equipment for making routed signs in all shapes, sizes, and formats.

Streamlining Route Sign Making Process Using CNC Routers

From plastic to bronze and aluminum, a CNC router can cut all kinds of materials with great precision and unmatched accuracy. Its coherent and harmonized three-axis spindle has the capability to carve various fonts, letters, designs, and illustrations onto composite materials. 

Using a CNC router, sign makers can enjoy the customizability and flexibility of working on exterior and interior wooden panels, store signs, and even on musical instruments. Combined with the latest thermoforming and automated trimming techniques, CNC routers offer superior productivity and efficiency in the sign making process.

Moreover, CNC routers are great for producing signage panels in bulk as they can work on pre-set designs without breaks.

Choosing the Appropriate CNC Router for Your Needs

Just like all other equipment and tools, CNC routers also comes in various shapes, sizes, and types. Therefore, interested buyers should thoroughly understand their productivity needs and choose a router accordingly.

Workers can use a laptop or PC to create designs and upload them to a CNC software. This software automatically directs the CNC router to cut images and letters as per the design. Thanks to the cutting-edge precision of CNC routers, sign makers can create sleek, elegant, and high quality signs in the least possible time.

Some of the main features you must consider in a CNC router include user-friendliness, complexity of the software, maintenance requirement, and durability. Always choose a reliable and well-trusted CNC machine manufacturer such as Ascent Equipment for maximum satisfaction.

Four Reasons to Invest in a CNC Router

Business owners in the sign making industry who want to gain a competitive edge over others need to make intelligent process handling decisions. One of which must revolve around investing in CNC machines for sign making

Here are the four highly compelling reasons to rely on CNC routers for exemplary signage production.

  1. It helps you meet unique expectations and preferences of your clients. Whether they want something as simple as “For Sale” sign or an aesthetically pleasing store sign, a CNC router can do it all!
  2. While traditional tools and equipment also get sign making job done, they can’t beat the efficiency of a CNC router. 
  3. Every sign maker wants to enhance their design portfolio to cater to several types of clients and a CNC router allows you to do that. Ascent Equipment’s CNC router can be used for routing and digital cutting using a robust visual registration mechanism.
  4. Operating a CNC router isn’t difficult. They’re developed to cater workers with little to no experience in sign making. 
CNC router by Ascent Technology

Buy a CNC Router in USA or Canada

A leading CNC machine manufacturer, Ascent Equipment, stocks high-performance CNC routers that are developed to work with different composite. 

Their hi-tech CNC routers are perfect for precision-cutting of aneclectic range of materials, including acrylic, PVC, HDPE, aluminum, melamine, and wood. Their durable design and first-class components guarantee brilliant exactitude and endurance. 

The company also offers automatic channel letter bending machines, laser cutters, automated trim cap machines, and fiber laser welders. Contact them today for more information!

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