A Complete Earphone—Buying Guide for Optimal Hearing Experience

Headphone shopping can be a fun experience. There are different options available. Sometimes, these options can prove to be a bit over-whelming. From in-ear headphones to wireless ones, there are certain pros and cons of each.

Here’s a useful guide to buying earphones that will give the ultimate hearing experience.

In-Ear Headphones

As the name suggests, these slide into the ear and are easily portable. The most popular choice of headphones, in-ear headphones provide a very individualistic feel to the user. They can be slipped into a pocket when a person goes out for jogging or works out in the gym.


To avoid wire tangling zipper earphones are a smart choice. Since each individual’s ear size and shape is different, it is crucial to pick a piece that is the perfect fit. In-ear headphones that are not adequately matched tend to slide out of the ear—especially during a really good track.

Wireless Headphones

Most users find that the sound quality in wireless headphones is far superior to others’. Another key advantage—and the main reason one might opt for them—is that there are no wire-tangling troubles.

These can be a bit more expensive than their wired counter-parts.

On-Ear Headphones

On-ear headphones cover the entire ear leaving no part exposed. The only drawback is that they aren’t as easy to carry around. They may also give a bulky feel to the head.


People with relatively larger sized heads are best suited to use on-ear headphones.  If an incorrect ear cup is chosen, it makes for a rather uncomfortable experience.

On the other hand, they are ideal if one wants to reduce external noise.  This passive noise-cancelling feature comes in handy when visiting places with high sound pollution.

Active Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Perfect for cutting off unwanted noise, these headphones are suited to a lifestyle of constant engagement in loud environments. If you work at a construction site or if your office is located near an airport, these headphones can be extremely useful.

A major drawback users face with active noise-cancelling headphones is that they need to be charged often. Their microphone and circuitry need power to function. As can be expected, these devices come on the costlier side.

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