Your Comprehensive Guide to Selling IPv4 Number Blocks

Due to the scarcity of IPv4 addresses in the market, it has transformed into a valuable commodity. So, if you are a network administrator who has multiple unused IPv4 addresses, now is the time to gain some value out of them. But before you do that, learn about the dynamics of the IPv4 market.

Legal Transfer

IPv4 address transfer is completely legal. It’s a general misconception that ownership of addresses can’t be transferred. Transfer of addresses is legal, as long as you follow ARIN’s criteria.

Lack of a marketplace

To buy a share, you need to contact the stock exchange market in New York. A proper buying-selling mechanism has not been created for the general public for the buying and selling IPv4 addresses. This is where IPv4 broker step in and facilitate the buying and selling of address blocks.

Buyer domination

Due to absence of marketplace, few buyers dominate the market. Software companies, ISPs, and cloud computing vendor buy these addresses and bundle them with their product offering. Individual sellers find it hard to access these buyers, but with help of a broker, these IPs can be valued at fair prices.

Right time to sell

With concentrating supply, now is a high time to benefit from a price hike. The price of IPv4 addresses have seen a rise in the past years, and are expected to stabilize in the coming years. The market is in need of IPv4 addresses, as the current technology still supports these addresses.

Once replacement technology is introduced in the market, the price of these addresses will fall. Therefore, sell your excess holding of IPv4 addresses in order to reap profits.

Leverage the selling window

The market is facing challenges adopting IPv6 (a successor technology), so this is a golden time for you to sell out your IPv4 addresses.

Ask for a quote and do market research, before agreeing to a deal. Chances are, you will get a good price for your address, so leverage this opportunity.

Is selling your only option?

Selling is not the only option to profit from IPv4; these addresses can be leased as well. Enjoy financial gains without exchanging ownership of the address block with leasing. If you don’t agree with the current market rate, lease your address block for time being, and sell them out when prices increase.

Seek Professional consultation

In order to connect with the right buyers and gain authentic quotes, get in touch with a trustworthy broker like, IPv4 Mall.

They offer specialized and reliable brokerage services and guarantee profitable deals. If you are looking for a safe and risk-free place to interact with buyers, sellers, and leasers, call 1-310-299-0944.

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