Concealed Holster Options Other Than a Belt

For some people, carrying a gun in a belt holster is not a viable option. It can be due to a range of different factors. A person may want to carry a firearm at work, and their work conditions don’t allow them to do. For instance, a mechanic can’t lay under the cars with a gun tied to his belt or a doctor wearing a belt holster over their scrubs.

There is a range of different holsters available in the market, but which one should you choose? Here are 4 alternatives.

1.  Belly Band Holster

A belly band holster uses a wide belly band to suspend a holster on the body or has a good quality, rigid shell holster attached to it. If you find the right belly band holster for yourself, it’ll be the best-concealed carry alternative that you’ll come across.

Belly band holsters are like spandex girdles with a flap sewn into the belt, which acts as a holster. Their design isn’t entirely secure or functional if you want to seriously train yourself in shooting and gun handling.

2.  Pocket Carry

Pocket carry is a viable option, but only if you’re using a pocket holster. Pocket carry is one of the most dangerous options you’ll choose if not taken care of correctly. Hundreds of people die each year because of accidental gunshots. If you sit down in an uncomfortable posture or your gun is poking in the wrong direction, you can accidentally shoot someone while adjusting the gun.

Before buying a pocket holster, make sure that it’s sturdy enough to protect your gun’s trigger guard. The holster should also have a pocket catch. It has a wing-like shape that anchors the holster at the rim of the pocket.

3.  Ankle holster

It makes it easy for most people to carry a gun. However, we suggest that it’s better to use a holster that makes the gun accessible to you. If a gun is anywhere below the waist level, you’ll have to bend down to take it out. When it comes to self-defense, every microsecond counts.

With an ankle holster, go for a two-strap design. It’ll ensure that there’s enough support to keep the gun in place as you walk or run.


4.  Shoulder Holster

A Shoulder Holster is the best way to conceal a gun. But before you wear it, ensure that you adjust the straps. It’s only then when you can carry your gun comfortably. Be mindful that you’ll have to bear the weight of the gun on one shoulder, and with time, it gets tiring.

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