Are You Concerned About The Virus Problem That Hampers Your Operations?

roductivity is the key to success for a company. In modern times, the increase in competition requires businesses to seize every opportunity and answer every call. But the same Internet which allows quicker service delivery may hamper your company’s productivity as well!

When logging on to Internet, we all are afraid of one thing: malicious software that can put an end to our life-saving equipment (computers). As a business owner or a manager, you want to avoid viruses and other harmful software at all costs!

Of course, you’re concerned about this situation. Apart from damaging the office computers, viruses can also harm your business in other ways:

1. Loss of data

If your office computers are not protected with a dependable antivirus system, loss of data will be an obvious consequence. A single click by an employee to a malicious website or email link can potentially infect all the systems present on the network.

Depending on the nature of virus, it can shut down the entire network, wipe off all the hard drives, and even spread to your clients and partner companies through Internet.

Almost every company has important data stored on computers, critical to its operation. Unless you don’t have any such data or sensitive information on your office computers, you will require adequate protection against viruses.

2. Loss of time

Yet another consequence is losing time. Whether it infects a single unit or the entire network of computers, you will need to shut down and disconnect all the units from the network before addressing the virus itself.

Disinfecting one unit without disconnecting properly, can even leave it prone to re-infection from other units on the network. Hence, the process is extremely time-consuming. Your employees may be unable to perform any business related tasks until all the machines are cleared of the virus.

Furthermore, if you miss even a single infected file while cleaning up, it will start the whole cycle again. The downtime will double too!

3. Expensive cleanup

You may argue that purchasing antivirus protection is expensive for the company. But you know what is more costly? Not purchasing it and then spending on clean up when a computer gets infected.

Think about it— the costs include the time you spend getting one or more units cleaned up instead of doing business related work. This will increase the overtime costs for handling usual duties.

If the company data gets damaged, reconstructing this information will be necessary and a lot more expensive too. And if you don’t have an IT department to handle this situation, there will be direct costs for contracting the task to an outside company or professional(s).

4. Risk of server hijacking

Your unprotected business can be a threat to both your clients and partners. This is one of the major reasons hackers attack corporate systems. They might use it to break passwords, reroute their own connections, or target your servers to knock them offline.

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