Why You Should Consider Investing In 24 Hour ULC Monitoring For Your Business

Businesses operate in unpredictable environments and deal with crisis situations from time to time. Adopting a proactive approach toward mitigating risks minimizes losses and protects assets and employees from potential hazards.

Whether there’s a medical emergency or a fire, it’s important to have a system in place to tackle the issue in the most efficient and proficient manner. 24-hour ULC monitoring can prove to be an excellent choice for your business in such cases.

Here are five key benefits of investing in 24-hour ULC monitoring for your business:

Reduce the chances of burglary

Installing a 24-hour ULC monitoring system exponentially reduces the chances of burglaries. Criminals are less likely to break-in to a facility when they know that it’s equipped with a surveillance system.

Monitoring Certificate helps reducing insurance premiums

ULC certified monitoring systems are tested by the Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC), an independent product safety inspection organization. Therefore, insurance providers will give you better rates and discounts as your organization is perceived as a low-risk client.


Complete peace of mind

A 24-hour ULC monitoring system offers protection for your business 24/7, 365 days a year, which means that your organization remains safe and secure at all times. It provides you with peace of mind, as you know that your business is protected.

One-Touch Emergency Response

24-hour ULC monitoring system is equipped with one-touch emergency response feature, which is instrumental in critical situations such as fires, burglaries, or even medical emergencies. A few minutes saved can save someone’s life.

Customer Support

Service providers that offer 24-hour ULC monitoring system offer dedicated customer support to clients. This helps the organization ensure that their security systems are always up and running and troubleshoot problems without any delay.

Final Words

Choose an experienced service provider to conduct a security assessment for your organization and create a comprehensive plan to keep your business protected.

Using a combination of 24-hour ULC monitoring system, surveillance systems, access control systems, intrusion detection system, and overall integrated security solution will ensure that your organization remains 100% safe and secured.

Alarmtech offers commercial 24-hour monitoring system in London, Ontario. Founded in 1985, they’re an independent provider of electronic detection systems for commercial properties. They offer an extensive range of residential and commercial security systems to ensure maximum security and protection. You can reach them by calling at 1-800-461-5800.

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