Why You Should Consider A Self-Storage Unit!

Whether you like or dislike it, consumerism is entrenched as a part of American culture.

Since our great nation’s founding days, the right to private property has driven a capitalist market that has encouraged people to work hard to spend money on things they like.

But all this commercial activity needs space, and self-storage units are great way to secure them.

What is Self-Storage?

Think of a miniature warehouse; self-storage units basically give businesses and individuals alike the opportunity to store goods in a relatively small room. They are generally preferred over large warehouses as they provide more control over the storage facility.


In addition, getting a neat little self-storage unit—as opposed to a small area in a warehouse—is also cheaper, and less cumbersome.

Small businesses find them particularly useful as they do not have to arrange for expansive—and expensive—warehouses for their equipment.

Self-Storage in America

The industry has dramatically risen in recent years as more and more people have realized the advantages of availing them.

  • There is a combined total of over 2.3 billion square feet of rentable self-storage space in America, which is three times the square footage of Manhattan.
  • 52% of all self-storage units are located in suburban areas.
  • 10% of U.S. households rent self-storage spaces.

Why Should Households Get it?

All of the statistics stated above seem amazing, but the one that seems to stick out the most is the fact that 10% of all households—a figure that is in the millions—rent self-storage units.

Many might wonder why an average suburban family would want such a facility. But the thing is, many families need space to store additional items that they cannot keep in their homes.

Some families need a place to store belongings that they do not want in their houses, but do not wish to discard it either; such as heirlooms. Others want to store some extra furniture or even an antique car. Self-storage facilities are perfect to fulfill these needs.

Moreover, they are also great for families who are moving. Sometimes, you can’t move all of your furniture together into your new home. Other times, there is an interval after you move out of the old home, but before you can move into the new one. Self-storage units give these people a space to keep their furniture as they transition into their new house.

All of this is topped by the fact that self-storage units are a secure alternative. Instead of risking your belongings in lots, renting one of these will ensure that they are protected from theft, as well as elements of nature. But this depends on the quality of the lock and other security systems at the facility.


If you want the latest in self-storage security solutions, contact Stor Guard by dialing 800-651-3129. They are a premier provider of security systems in Washington and offer services specialized for self-storage units.

They offer a wide range of door entry systems in Washington that will guarantee that the contents of each unit stay secure.

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