Construction Jobsite Security Tips for the Holiday Season

It’s that time of the year again when you start planning for Christmas shopping, New Year soirees and hearty dinners with friends and family as you look ahead to the holiday season.

But while you and your workers would be away busy partying, exchanging gifts and spending quality time with their loved ones, certain “someones” may have other ideas and might look to break into your unattended construction site.

Barbed wires, tarps or chain link fences aren’t going to stop them from stealing the cement, steel and other raw materials from your jobsite. That’s to say nothing of the valuable unguarded construction equipment that is sure to tempt them into pulling off the next Italian job.

So what can you do about it? How you can you keep your construction site secure over the holiday break? Here are a few tips:

Lock up the inventory somewhere safe

You can rent a container for the purpose or, if you have a temporary room on your site, you can also use that for storage. A simple checklist can be very useful to make sure nothing gets missed.

As for your big heavy machinery items, lock their doors, remove the keys off them, and turn off their master switches to prevent any unauthorized visitor from accessing them.

Visit the site daily or weekly to ensure everything is in order

This is a good way to let the thieves know that it is not open season on your construction site. If you can’t manage site visits on your own, for any reason, you can alternatively assign the responsibility to one of your senior workers.

Ideally, the worker should live close to the site so that they can stop by conveniently without having to travel all the way across the town in the biting winter weather.

Enlist the neighbors

If possible, enlist the neighbors and inform them that the construction is being halted for the holiday season, and that you’d really appreciate it if they can keep you updated on anything suspicious that they might observe at the site.

Employ video surveillance


Install high quality cameras to remotely monitor your construction site for any unwanted presence.

For even better protection, link up your cameras to 24/7 monitoring services.

We wish you and your workers a great holiday season. Stay happy, stay blessed and stay secure.

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