How Contactless Payments Are Revolutionizing the World

With contactless payments taking over the transit, retail shopping, and restaurant industries, other businesses need to catch up soon.

When you’re running late in the morning and have a bus to catch, waiting in line to make a payment is not something you want to go through. It takes time, it slows down your day, and—quite often—it makes you miss the bus.

It’s the same with grocery shopping. As if the process isn’t extensive enough; you have to then wait in line to check out all the items and stop for someone who might not have enough cash to pay.

Systems that accept contactless payments use radio-frequency identification or near field communication (NFC) to ensure that payments are made in a secure manner. The process is cashless and contactless.

Customers don’t have to worry about carrying huge amounts of cash—and being mugged. They also don’t have to dig deep into their wallets to take out change at a supermarket checkout counter—saving theirs and other customers’ valuable time.

Convenience and Speed

Contactless payments cards can charged without being taken out your wallet. The few seconds it takes to swipe the card or look for change can add up to hours over the year. Through an automated contactless payment method, data can be logged in automatically. This saves a considerable amount of time for the cashier and the customer.

If you’re at a retail store that accepts contactless payments, you can tap, pay and leave within 2 minutes! How convenient is that?

Variety of Devices

To make contactless payments accessible and adaptable for customers across the world, there are a variety of compatible devices available in the market that make the process seamless.

NFC chips can be incorporated in any device, allowing them to accept payments from contactless cards. It can also be incorporated in smartphones, vehicles and key fobs—making your toll payments easier and faster than ever!

Security Features

Europay, Mastercard and Visa (EMV) are considered to be the safest technologies for receiving and sending payments. They use a magnetic strip card to cryptograph and protect the user’s data during and after transactions.

Hence—until and unless the user loses their debit, credit or visa card—it is almost impossible to read or access the data on an EMV chip.

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