Content Crazy: Understanding Why “Content is King”

Meeting new people can be intimidating and awkward—be it at a party, a formal dinner, a club or special event.

You’re not particularly out to impress them. You’re not exactly there to make friends.

But when every person you talk to begins to excuse themselves to go to the bathroom, it’s normal to feel self-conscious and wonder what’s going on.

With your good looks and shining personality, you could make anyone your friend.

So why is everyone so eager to claim their “friend’s had an accident” to avoid spending the evening with the brilliant and charming you?

According to marketing experts, your problem may lie in your not knowing how to sell yourself—not much different from a great product with a terrible tagline.

The Art of Selling

Think of the party as a market for excellent products, where potential consumers browse the aisles as they greet you with a superficial hello.

You may be the most interesting person in the room—similar to a truly exceptional product. But by blurting out words without being mindful of who you’re talking to, you can misrepresent yourself, like an ill-conceived advertisement, and cause irreversible damage to your name and reputation.

How do you stand out if you’re really just your average Joe?

By being the most likable average Joe in the room, and making sure everyone knows it!

Be Swell, Don’t Sell

Every year, the tech industry launches a new brand of smart phones—products already dominating the market, upgraded and re-launched to meet the rising demand for high-tech gadgets.

Despite the abundance of impeccably designed phones and sleek tablets, we invest time and time again in new cell phones—because we believe when we read, “You thought that was great? Wait till you get a load of this!”

Despite the stunning detail, and plethora of features offered by Samsung 7 or iPhone 6, we’re swept off our feet by upgraded models the moment we visit their respective websites.

Images alone don’t create an impact—it’s also the rich, detail-oriented content that reflects expertise, research and dedication, setting off anticipation and excitement across the geek underworld!

Content marketing is a highly sought-after marketing tool in business, replacing big-budget advertising agencies with its invaluable SEO driven services.

In the world of digital marketing, content has clearly taken the lead by revolutionizing the way businesses “sell” themselves to potential consumers.

No longer sticking to conventional rules, a great content marketing strategy informs, rather than sells—convincing visitors that the product or service comes from a highly knowledgeable and authentic team of experts.

It’s no longer acceptable to rely on the crutches of a commercial advert. To truly make your mark, you must think outside the sales box and convince readers you know your stuff!

Don’t Fight It, Write It



Content creation is more cost-effective than traditional advertising—delivering quick and massive turnaround with more leads, more conversions and an all-round greater presence across various social media platforms.

Articles, blogs, e-books, infographics, FAQs, case studies, pay-per-click videos—well-executed content comes in all shapes and sizes, rightly deemed King by media moguls like Google, Microsoft, and Viacom.

Don’t sell yourself short by clinging to obsolete modes of marketing.

Let your content work wonders by hiring a reputable SEO agency.

Spark Plug Media brings you a range of digital marketing tools to boost your brand. Content development, whiteboard and animations, RFMS training—they offer it all!

Revamp your website with brilliant content and rekindle your marketing strategy with a spark that never dies!

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