The Cost of Workplace Safety Violations: Everything You Must Avoid

Forklift operators aren’t required to get a forklift license. In fact, there’s no such document to begin with. But a forklift training certificate is evidence that the operator has completed the requisite training, and can put an employer at ease with regards to workplace safety.

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Employers must maintain a safe working environment for all their employees, and violations can result in the following consequences:

1. Fines

One of the biggest costs of a workplace safety violation is the fine that employers have to pay. According to a report, employers in the UK paid a whopping sum of £23,964,364 last year as a result of health and safety breaches.

The UK services industry is the biggest culprit here, paying a fine to the tune of £7,883,010.

2. Injuries

Failure to enforce proper health and safety protocols in the workplace also leads to injuries. These injuries differ in severity from minor to fatal. According to statistics compiled by the Health and Safety Executive, more than a million workers sustain injuries or contract illnesses as a result of their job.

The HSE reported that in 2019, the estimated cost of workplace injuries across Great Britain was £5.6 billion. The figure included £1,700,000 for every fatal injury and £8,800 for every non-fatal injury.

3. Loss of Productivity

The consulting firm Arinite discovered that between 2019 and 2020, approximately 38.8 million working days were lost due to work-related illness and non-fatal workplace injuries. This figure represents all industries in the UK, and represents a staggering loss of productivity across all sectors.

Minimizing Workplace Health and Safety Violations

Employers have a duty of care towards the people they hire. Unfortunately, many employers choose to ignore this duty in an attempt to decrease costs. The fact is that cutting corners on health and safety doesn’t lead to savings. Injuries and illnesses that occur as a result of lack of compliance end up being more expensive than compliance itself.

Here are a few ways that employers can maintain a safe work environment:

  1. Develop and enforce a comprehensive health and safety policy that’s tailored to their business operations.
  2. Regularly assess the risk of injuries and update the policy accordingly.
  3. Hire employees with proper training and listen to their feedback for improvements.
  4. Ensuring that all employees are well-versed in safety procedures.
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