cPanel Reseller Hosting Promises Higher Business Potential And Growth

Reseller hosting has become the new trend in the industry. While it’s true that it has a lot of potential for profit, you also need to have the right resources.

Once you sign up for reseller hosting, you realize that a number of factors can affect sales. Hardware resources, reseller hosting type and marketing can all impact your eventual profits.

But most importantly, your choice of control panel will be a deciding factor. cPanel reseller hosting equips you with a browser-based control panel, making everyday tasks easier than ever. Attracting more customers is easy because of what it can offer to the end-user:

  • Familiarity with interface

cPanel is popular, there’s no doubt about that. This means your average customer is familiar with the cPanel interface, if they have ever owned a hosting account before. Most of them are likely to be aware of how to use it to its full potential.

For beginners, cPanel offers a friendly and convenient interface that makes it easier to introduce them to web hosting administration.

  • Flexible accounts

cPanel hosting comes with Web Host Manager (WHM) for day-to-day management tasks. It makes modifying account settings easier and quicker.

You can offer a lot more flexibility to your customers, allowing upgrades for higher allocated disc space. This is a great way to promote services and increase your revenue. It will also give your customers assurance that they can subscribe to higher packages if required.

  • Fast account provision

reseller hostingNew customer accounts can be deployed more quickly through WHM. These accounts are fully operational in a matter of minutes.

Your customers can start building their web presence without needing to wait for a long time. Instant activation of accounts also means less hassle for you.

  • Excellent customer service

All these features together make your life easier. You can focus on your customers and offer full support, whenever they need help.

Your hosted accounts take care of the basic administration, allowing you to expand and improve customer service.

  • Branded control panels

The cPanel accounts that are dispatched from the reseller hosting plan are ‘white label’. You can fully customize these accounts to promote your own brand and label.

You get to continue building your hosting brand with your existing customers. Satisfied with your hosting services, they are likely to recommend it to friends and colleagues.

Listed above are only a few benefits of cPanel hosting for you and your customers. It offers high functionality and flexibility, just what you need to give yourself that competitive edge.

Choosing a cPanel plan is your best bet when it comes to reseller hosting. Global Host Inc. offers unlimited reseller hosting through four different packages. The offer includes free domain name, SSL certificate, business email address, website migration, daily website backup, CDN, Softaculous Auto Installer, virus scan, DDOS protection, drag & drop site builder, and marketing tools.

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