How To Create a Lasting Impression on Your Business Partners?

You might have heard of how the first impression is considered to be the last since it is subject to the most judgment. Research has shown that people form an impression in as little as seven seconds, while other studies claim that it takes one-tenth of a second to establish trustworthiness and attractiveness. That means an impression is set before you even get the chance to talk, let alone make an offer!

This is particularly true for the business world. Once established, the impression you make is difficult to shake. It affects your brand image and the course that your relationship with a potential client takes. So you need to start off strong to ensure it lasts. In order to make every second count, you should send your potential business partner cues that will affect their perception. Here are some ways you can ensure your good impression lasts.

Dress to Impress

Given that your client will form an opinion of you before you can engage them through conversation, how do you get their approval? The answer lies in dressing for success. In the first few moments of meeting someone, you can grab attention through your outfit. If your industry is formal, make sure you have a well-fitted suit that you can wear. Brand yourself according to your brand image.

Body Language Speaks Louder than Words

Body language is another characteristic that will grab your client’s attention. A firm handshake, a confident smile, and welcoming eye contact are all ingredients for leaving a good impression. Switch out slouching for standing straight and natural. Avoid an authoritative power stance with clenched fists and crossed arms, and be more relaxed and open with your posture instead. You will seem more approachable and friendly, which will help foster trust and comfort between you and your client.

Arrive on Time

Always arrive a few minutes before you’re supposed to. Punctuality goes a long way in establishing reliability. If you need to book a car service to travel to a corporate event, avoid using cabs or ride-hailing services and choose a car or rental limo service instead.

Nothing says professionalism like a sleek limo. If you’re in the Washington, DC and Virginia area, you’re in luck! Companies like E.Z. Trans Express offer rental limo and car services. You can easily work on your way to the event, prepare notes, and de-stress; because their limos have a clean environment, with trained and friendly chauffeurs.

So, not only do you arrive on time and in style, you have left a lasting impression on your client before you’ve even stepped out of the limo!

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