How To Create Opportunities To Enable Learning In The Flow of Work

For years, traditional classroom or field activity methods have been used to train employees. However, organizations have now realized that these formal sessions don’t do much for their employees—that’s because learners aren’t interested in such sessions.

It’s important that learning is a part of everyday work. Employees will enjoy their work and the learning experience more if it’s a part of their life and daily work. This way, learning will also be more impactful.

Let’s take a look at how organizations can create such opportunities, such as by employing Atrixware’s corporate LMS systems.

Encourage Microlearning That Supports Learners

The main goal should be to create several microlearning courses that are helpful for employees. If the need arises, employees should be able to consult and check these courses on an employee training management system or microlearning platform.

Microlearning shouldn’t be used on its own. It should be a part of the entire learning journey. It can be used to teach short, new concepts. Providing microlearning courses can help organizations make learning a part of their work.

Use Tools to Support Learning

Another great way to support and encourage learning in the flow of work is through technologies, tools, and platforms. As we mentioned, micro-learning platforms and corporate LMS systems are perfect for creating learning opportunities.


Create Mobile-Friendly Content For Seamless Learning

The content needs to be easily accessible to enable learning in the flow of work. Learners should be able to use their mobile for learning. Just like how food delivery apps make ordering food easy, microlearning can be delivered and made easy the same way. Whether it’s product training or employee training, it can be provided through a mobile phone.

Curate Content as a Learning Strategy

Content creation can play a huge role in learning. It’s a great strategy that can help employees augment learning as they work. Organizations should create opportunities to learn and provide content for learners so they can access everything easily.

Using the strategies we have discussed in this guide, organizations can adequately prepare for learning and training, which is a part of work. It will support your employees, reduce turnover costs, allow consistent learning, and ensure that employees stay happy.

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